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Rebecca Klaw, MS, MEd

Rebecca Klaw
"Rebecca's key asset as a consultant is her unique ability to 1) educate parents in the complexities of the neurological issues and behaviors associated with the Autistic spectrum in a way that is easy to follow, and directly relevant to each family's situation; and 2) to provide practical, specific tips on how to better understand and help your loved one on a day to day basis. Rebecca conveys all of this information with compassion, deep empathy, and humor, and one leaves a presentation with Rebecca feeling assured, empowered, understood and uplifted."

Lori McMaster, mother of 12-year-old autistic son

"Our early intervention program provides educational and therapeutic services to over 3,000 children and families from birth to age five in Southeastern PA. Rebecca Klaw has provided consultation and training to our agency numerous times on a variety of topics including Autism, Behavior Supports, Therapeutic Social Groups and Relationship Based Intervention. As a trainer, Rebecca is engaging, insightful and so well versed in the topic that each presentation leaves the audience rejuvenated and eager to utilize the information.

As a consultant, Rebecca is a joy to work with...thorough, perceptive, respectful and committed to meeting the needs of the children and staff. She shares her expertise in a thoughtful, knowledgeable manner that puts staff at ease and targets the developmental needs of the children.

Working with Rebecca Klaw has proved to be one of the most invaluable and memorable learning experiences of my lengthy career in education."

Kate Gara
Director of Training
KenCrest Services

"I invited Rebecca Klaw to present a conference in our community on Therapeutic Social Skills Groups. She is one of the most, if not the most experienced clinicians working in the field of autism. Her presentation was highly interesting, very well organized and practical. I look forward to working with her again in the near future."

Richard Solomon MD
Medical Director
The PLAY Project
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Dear Rebecca,

I discovered your paper, "Thoughtful Response" online a few years ago and I find myself revisiting it every time I have a new teacher or paraprofessional to train with regard to autism and dealing with problem behaviors. Your paper is one of the best articulated explanations I have found that describes the experiences of a child with autism in crisis, and the perspective the neurotypical adults must take when working with a child in crisis. I am writing to commend you, and to thank you for such an exceptional contribution to the world of autism."

Gerard Kaufhold
Special Education Consultant
Lampeter-Strasburg School District
Lancaster, PA

"Shortly after our beautiful son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, we attended a workshop, which was led by Rebecca, to better understand his condition and how we could help him. Through both her knowledge and her compassion, she led us into his world and gave us hope."

Barbara Brewton

"Rebecca has an exceptional understanding of the autistic spectrum. Her knowledge, compassion and dedication have enhanced the lives of many children and their families."

Sherrie Koch, parent

"I feel so fortunate to have met Rebecca. The social skills groups that she designed and oversaw were one of the best things that my son (now age 10, diagnosed with Autism) has been involved with-and we have tried many therapies! But more than helping Jack, Rebecca has helped me as a parent with not only negotiating the maze of services available, but also becoming a stronger advocate for my child and working through my own grieving process. Rebecca is very wise and, in my view, can articulate that wisdom as no one else in the autism community can."

Trish Burton

"When working with Rebecca there are always moments of reflection followed by moments of new learning. She is extraordinary in guiding and facilitating caregivers to think differently in their work around very complex issues. Rebecca makes learning enjoyable and rewarding. Her knowledge base is comprehensive which is reflected in her manner and style and which can be readily described as positive and focused."

Barbara Macks, MS, OTR/L , Clinical Coordinator, Ken-Crest Services

"Rebecca's insight to my son's issues at school is right on target, which is why my school district is so quick to accept her recommendations and why I cherish having her so accessible as he moves through all stages of development"

- a father

"I sincerely welcome this opportunity to recommend to you Rebecca Klaw.

I originally met Rebecca Klaw in the Fall of 2002 when I attended her presentation "Understanding the Student with Asperger Syndrome."

My son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in January 2002 at the age of eight years old. This was after many years of evaluations, therapy and interventions for other related disorders or misdiagnoses. I was feeling inadequate, lost, and frustrated when attempting to figure out what to do with this 'new diagnosis' and how to obtain the proper supports for my son.

Somewhere along this road of discovery I was informed of the training Rebecca was giving on Aspergers Syndrome. I signed up!

I found Rebecca's training extremely helpful and informative. I kept finding myself thinking "my son does that", "my son does that too" and beginning to understand my son on a much greater level. I was beginning to feel reassured that life does go on after the initial emotions you experience when your child receives a diagnosis. Rebecca presented what strengths and gifts our kids have also. This was something I was beginning to lose sight of only because of the overwhelming things that needed to be done. I began to feel hope. She is a wonderful resource of information and ideas.

In addition to being a knowledgeable and intuitive professional/ consultant; Rebecca is a warm and genuine person.

At that training she asked if people were interested in having their children attend a social skills group. I signed my name on the list. Several months later I remember Rebecca calling me at work asking if my son could join her social skills group. I was thrilled. I remember telling my husband I didn't care how far I had to drive we were going to that group! And in retrospect I am very pleased we did.

Rebecca has taught not only our kids but us also. She has helped guide us through those tough times and helped us celebrate the great times."

Norma S.

"I so much appreciated the fact that every word you gave to us, either in your oral presentation or in the valuable and wonderful handouts, was absolutely meaningful. I am telling the truth when I say that I have never known time to pass so quickly as it did during those evenings of yours… Thank you for being so terrific and for putting so much effort into seeing that each person in your audience gained the enormous amount of knowledge that we did."

A preschool teacher's comments following a three-part evening training series

"Ms. Klaw's presentation was highly informative, practical, and enjoyable for teachers, special ed supervisors, parents, and behavioral health personnel. Many entities used her program as part of their training programs for staff. We anticipate utilizing this program again in the future as part of our educational programs."

Edward J. McVay, MD
DuBois Regional Medical Center

"Rebecca Klaw's training series was very helpful for us. She tailored her presentations to our requests and needs which made the information especially relevant to the work we do. Her programs for children and families are based in firm knowledge about many approaches. She is thus able to be flexible in supporting interventionists and families to find individualized programming that will be most effective for them."

Dorothy Judd, Katherine Crozier, Betsy McKeone, Maria Weglicki and Hannah Bell from KenCrest's Philadelphia Infant-Toddler/Home-Community Program

“I am emailing you to thank you for your website and the information provided. I am an emerging educational consultant and have been greatly influenced by your work. My mentor exposed me to your information on agitation response and escalation during my time as a teacher in an inclusive classroom for children with ASD. I wanted to express to you how much the information has influenced my perception and response, as well as motivated me to share this knowledge with others. Thank you."

Erin Brunson, M.Ed. - Educational Consultant - Birmingham, Alabama

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