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"Rebecca's insight to my son's issues at school is right on target, which is why my school district is so quick to accept her recommendations and why I cherish having her so accessible as he moves through all stages of development"
a father

Consultation GroupRebecca has been an autism consultant since 1988. For families, she has consulted on a wide variety of issues, including…

  • Helping parents establish productive and joyous relationships with their children,
  • Developing comprehensive intervention plans that involve an array of professionals and family members, and
  • Meeting an individual's needs in school, including evaluating the need for support and writing an IEP that addresses a particular child's or teen's needs.

For agencies, Rebecca has provided consultation to professionals serving children ages 0-3, those serving the preschool population, and those serving children over the age of 6. She has…

  • Provided group consultation to professionals on children and teens receiving in-home or in-community intervention,
  • Provided individual consultation on difficult cases, and
  • Provided support to those training others.

Rebecca Klaw

For schools, Rebecca has provided consultation that includes…

  • Consulting on individual children who are not progressing well,
  • Doing an analysis of challenging behaviors and coming up with recommendations for proactive strategies and environmental adaptations,
  • Observing individual students and advising the staff about additional strategies for learning and overall success,
  • Observing whole classrooms and advising the staff about additional strategies to help with inclusion, social skill development and communication, and
  • Helping with the development of IEP goals and methods for collecting meaningful data.

For mental health therapists, Rebecca has provided supervision and case consultation that includes…

  • Understanding the impact of autism on early development.
  • Developing greater understanding of complex parenting issues for those who live with sons/daughters with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
  • Recognizing the potentially unique thought patterns of clients with ASD, how these originate in development and how they are reinforced by cognitive and social challenges.
  • Fitting traditional methodologies such as CBT, psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy to clients with ASD.
  • Learning when a rules-based approach may be better for the client, at least initially, than an insight-oriented approach.
  • Understanding the role of development in the presentation of mental health issues such as anxiety, social phobias, depression, and anger management in clients with ASD.


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