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"Rebecca Klaw... is one of the most, if not the most experienced clinicians working in the field of autism." (more)
Richard Solomon, MD

"As a consultant, Rebecca is a joy to work with... thorough, perceptive, respectful and committed to meeting the needs of the children and staff." (more)
K. Gara, KenCrest

Rebecca KlawAutism Services by Klaw (ASK) is run by Rebecca Klaw who has worked since 1988 as a consultant, trainer and advocate for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families. The following is a condensed version of her professional history and accomplishments. If more information is desired, please click here to view or download her resume as a PDF file.

  • All over the country, Rebecca has trained consultants, direct care staff and teachers on methods and techniques used to drive developmental growth in children with ASD. She consults with parents about issues effecting home and school success.
  • Before becoming a full-time consultant and trainer, Rebecca was the director of the Pressley Ridge's Center for Autism in Pittsburgh, PA. Before that she worked in the Early Intervention system and, for 15 years, in outpatient mental health.
  • Rebecca has run playgroups, social skills groups and parent support groups. One of her parent support groups ran for over ten years! She ran a bi-weekly discussion group for adults with HFA/Aspergers.
    "The scintillating conversation offers me a mental lifeline." - David Matthews
  • Rebecca currently facilitates a monthly support group for spouses or partners of those affected by autism or autistic-like characteristics.
  • Rebecca has produced two training DVDs, one on relationship-based intervention with young children with autism and the other on responding to agitation, escalation and meltdowns.
  • Rebecca with kidsRebecca has published a book describing how to write goals and collect data using a developmental approach with young children with ASD.
  • With a colleague, Rebecca has developed tools for teaching social skills for children and teens with high functioning autism and Aspergers. These products use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies, tailored for individuals on the autism spectrum, in a popular, creative and normalizing format that involves a world of dragons. Go to for more information. These products are now selling all over the world.
  • Rebecca provides supervision and/or case consultation to mental health therapists who are treating an increasing number of children and adults on the autism spectrum. She provides individual consultation on an as-needed basis and regular group consultation.
  • Rebecca provides training, case review and consultation for the staff and administration of St. Stephen's Academy in Zelienople, PA and has provided the same services for the staff of New Horizon School in Beaver, PA.
  • For the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes at both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, Rebecca teaches older adults about autism.
  • Rebecca serves on the Professional Advisory Board of ABOARD's Autism Connection of PA and on the Board of The University School.
  • Rebecca serves as an advocate and expert witness in IEP meetings as well as in due process hearings. She works closely with a number of attorneys and with many families. Rebecca has also been retained as an expert witness in a variety of both civil and criminal cases concerning individuals with autism.
  • Rebecca has participated in the development and production of web-based trainings on infant brain development, positive behavioral support and relationship-based intervention.
  • In 2007, Rebecca was involved in a conference, put on by the Western Pennsylvania Museum Council, which was designed to help museums open their doors to everyone and become truly and thoughtfully inclusive institutions. Rebecca proposed numerous adaptations that would make museum going better for individuals with autism and their families. She continues to be contacted by museums for ideas on how to make adaptations for those on the spectrum.
  • Rebecca is certified in supported employment for individuals with developmental disabilities through Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Rebecca was the recipient of the inaugural Grandin Award presented to her by The Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (ABOARD) for "maximizing the potential and possibilities of children with autism".
  • Rebecca received an A.B. from Vassar College, and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education as well as a M.S. in Child Development from the University of Pittsburgh.
  • She has had training in Floortime (Greenspan), Relationship Development Intervention (Gutstein), Visual Strategies (Hogdon and Lehman), Social Stories (Gray), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Atwood). Rebecca has also attended numerous national and international conferences on autism, making sure that she stays current with the newest research and methodologies.

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